According to the United States Social Security Administration

A man reaching 65 today can expect to live on average to 84.3. A woman turning 65 today can expect to live nearly two years longer, to 86.6. One out of four individuals will exceed that expectancy and live past ninety, and one out of ten will live past 95. (

With continuing advancements in the medical field, individuals are living longer and longer. While this is undoubtedly positive, there are certain aspects of the continuing rise in life expectancy that require further evaluation.

Many people worry about whether they will have enough money to carry them comfortably through retirement, but it is less common for individuals to plan for long-term medical care.

However, long-term medical care is increasingly becoming an inevitability, and the high costs of such care cannot be ignored.

The Administration on Aging estimates

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68 percent of all people over the age of 65 will lose at lease two cognitive abilities at some point their life and will subsequently require long-term care. The increase in life expectancy has also increased the impact of diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease on the general population.

According to the AARP

The average cost for this type of care is staggering. The Administration on Aging estimates that a semi-private room in a nursing home costs $6,205 per month. This cost is estimated to increase to $15,941 by 2037. Home health care is not much less expensive, with a monthly cost estimate of $3,499. (


Many individuals entering into long-term care rely solely on Medicare/Medicaid, which often does not start paying until a person is admitted into an approved nursing home. These people often drain their assets in order to pay for this essential care. When those assets are gone, it then falls on the benevolence of family members to keep paying these costs. This cycle only adds to the strain of dealing with the emotional trauma of a devastating illness.

However, there are other options for paying for long-term medical care. Lang Financial Group offers several plans, which provide an effective way to protect yourself and your family from the high cost of extended medical treatment.

By Planning Now

You can ensure that you receive the care that you need in your own home, and that your family does not have to sacrifice in order to ensure that you are comfortable and well taken care of.

Long-Term care has evolved a great deal in recent years. It can be customized to fit your needs and your budget. A Lang Financial long-term care consultant can help you find the right coverage for you.

Contact us today for more information about long-term care protection. We welcome the opportunity to help you plan for the future, and protect yourself and your family, so that you all may spend your golden years enjoying your time together, rather than worrying about the inevitable financial costs of aging.