Your relationship with your healthcare provider is extremely important. If you have found a provider whom you trust and enjoy a solid professional relationship with, it can be devastating to find out that he or she is not covered under your group health insurance plan. Or, perhaps, the group health insurance offered by your employer is just not enough to meet your needs.

If exigent circumstances put you in need of individual health insurance outside of your group plan, Lang Financial Group is here to help. We can assist you in designing an individual health insurance plan that is affordable and meets all of your coverage demands.

Our knowledgable consultants pride themselves on building long-lasting client relationships, and —just like that wizened doctor who is always there in a crisis—we want to be your long-term partner and assist you in navigating any changes in your health and financial situations.

There are no automated phone lines or customer service departments at Lang Financial Group. Instead, our goal is to foster a one-on-one relationship between consultant and customer, in order to ensure that all of your needs are efficiently met.

We are an independent and diversified financial company

This means that we can serve your interests above all else. We offer a wide range of health insurance carriers and products, so that we may ensure that we have the tools available to meet any one individual’s goals.

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