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Employee Benefits


Specializing In

  • Group Medical Plan Options
  • Cost Containment Management
  • Self Funding
  • Federal and State ERISA Plans Compliance Guidance
  • Employee Benefit Communications and Education
  • Understanding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act



  • Life and Health Licensed
  • Created, Owned and Operated a Successful Business, Multiple Locations, Employing More Than 100 Full Time Employees
  • Business and Management Degree From the University of Missouri



Barry Rubinstein joined Lang Financial Group in 2005 and focuses primarily on group health plans and cost containment for companies of 15 to 300 employees. He is a graduate of the University of Missouri and has been a Cincinnati resident for more than 20 years.

Barry moved to Cincinnati in 1995 to own and operate a Penn Station Sub franchise. He later sold his franchise and developed his own restaurant concept called the Pasta Wagon. Over a 12-year period, Barry sold a unit as a franchise, opened a second location and employed more than 100 employees. Before moving to Cincinnati, Barry spent 20 years in St. Louis, Mo. Barry lives in the Loveland area with his son, Hayden.