We at Lang Financial Group, Inc. (LFG) understand the everyday health concerns facing you and your employees. With increasing employer concern about rising healthcare costs and the epidemic of lifestyle related diseases, worksite health and wellness programs through LFG can be the solution. Whether its weight management, tobacco cessation, or healthy eating courses, LFG has the tools and resources to help you make an informed decision regarding health and wellness plans with your insurance as well as finding what works best for your company.

It is well documented that workers are more likely participate in programs that are of interest to them. So we begin by providing your employees with a worksite health and wellness interest survey. Based on an analysis of your employee’s responses we are able to more accurately recommend what your initial wellness focus should be. Once we’ve seen the success of your initial focus, we can expand offerings to address other health and wellness concerns because we understand the last thing you want to do is waste your financial investment and your employee’s time on a program that had little interest.

How you can engage and motivate your employees in your wellness offerings

At LFG we work with several 3rd party health and wellness teams that can help coordinate and implement additional programs. Working with LFG will provide you with a customized program to meet all of your company’s needs. You will not find a “one size fits all” approach to wellness at LFG. We understand that, just like each person’s unique health concerns, there is not one program that works for every company and LFG will make sure that your program is right for you.

Concerned about employee enthusiasm in the wellness program? LFG can develop and customize various incentive programs to help motivate your employees. Options such as gifts for completing initial health assessments, discounted gym memberships, as well as reduced insurance copayments all can help encourage employee participation and engagement. After all, sometimes everyone needs a little help!

A healthy employee is a happy employee

The primary goal of health and wellness programs is to not only find ways to helps employees develop and maintain healthy lifestyles but to provide the necessary resources to help them achieve their goals.

LFG will work with you to find solutions that improve the lives of your employees by developing effective communication strategies so employees know which programs are available to them and how to best take advantage of all of the wellness offerings you provide.

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